Copper Bromide

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  1. Copper Bromide

    Copper Bromide is the chemical compound with diamagnetic properties and chemical formula CuBr. It is widely used in the synthesis of organic compounds and as a lasing medium in copper bromide lasers. This chemical compound is also, widely used to generate organic copper reagents. It is soluble in HCl, HBr, ammonium hydroxide & acetonitrile and negligible in acetone, sulfuric acid. The offered product is moisture sensitive and should be kept in air-tight containers. It is toxic and harmful if swallowed.
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  2. Copper (II) Bromide

    Copper (II) Bromide is a grayish black crystalline chemical compound having applications as an intensifier in photographic processing and as a brominating agent in organic synthesis. It has the chemical formula CuBr2 which can be prepared with the combination of copper oxide and hydrobromic acid. This chemical compound has the molecular mass of 223.37 g/mol and density 4.71 g/cm3.
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  3. Copper (I) Bromide

    Copper (I) Bromide is a colorless chemical compound with the chemical formula CuBr. This chemical compound can be prepared by reduction of chemical salts with sulfite in presence of bromide. It is known for its application in organic chemistry to convert diazonium salts into corresponding aryl bromides. It has the molecular mass of 143.45g/mol and density 4.71 g/cm3.
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