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  1. Calcium Iodide Hexahydrate

    Calcium Iodide Hexahydrate

      Calcium Iodide Hexahydrate is a white to yellowish crystalline compound having the formula CaI2.6H2O. It is hygroscopic in nature with the molecular mass of 401.977 g/mol. This chemical compound is generally used as a source of iodine in cat food. It has a variety of industrial and pharmaceutical applications.
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    • Calcium Iodide Hydrate

      Calcium Iodide Hydrate

        Calcium Iodide Hydrate is a colorless liquid with the chemical formula CaI2.xH2O. It can be prepared by treating calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide with hydrochloric acid and then adding the desired amount of water molecules. This chemical formula has the molecular mass of 365.95 g/mol (tetrahydrate) and a high boiling point of 1100 degree Celsius.
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      • Hydroiodic Acid

        Hydroiodic Acid

          Hydroiodic Acid has a chemical formula HI(H2O)x. It is the highly acidic aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide and is commonly used as a chemical reagent which completely ionizes in an aqueous solution. This chemical compound has the molecular weight of 127.91 g/mol and density 1.70 g/cm3. In its concentrated form, it has a pH of less than 0.
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        • Iodine Compound

          Iodine Compound

            Iodine is a chemical compound symbolized as I which is required by the thyroid gland to make hormones. It also plays an important role in the development of the central nervous system. This chemical compound has lustrous, purple-black metallic appearance in standard conditions. It has a melting point and boiling point of 113.7 degree Celsius and 184.3 degree Celsius respectively. This compound is the heaviest of stable halogens with an atomic number 53.
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          • Ammonium Iodide

            Ammonium Iodide

              Ammonium Iodide is prepared by reacting ammonia or ammonium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid or hydrogen iodide gas. It has the chemical formula NH4I with the molecular mass of 144.94 g/mol and density 2.51 g/cm3. This chemical compound is used in some medications and in photographic chemicals. It is soluble in water and ethanol. NH4I can also be prepared by the decomposition of ammoniated triiodoamine.
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            • Calcium Iodide Anhydrous

              Calcium Iodide Anhydrous

                Calcium Iodide Anhydrous is the ionic compound of calcium and iodine with the chemical formula CaI2. It is soluble in water, ethanol, acetone, and methanol and insoluble in ether. This chemical compound has the molecular mass of 293.887 g/mol and density 3.956 g/cm3. It is an odorless white salt which has a high affinity for moisture. This compound is used in photography and in cat food as a source of iodine.
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